Comic-based games: The 8-bit Years

So, yes, let’s forget about MSX and jump straight to 8-bit consoles (with a little detour through early PC games this afternoon, probably).

Getting closer to the 16-bit explosion of actually good games, we still had to go through the 8-bit period of “let’s assume that block is really who they say it is”, starting with the NES:

Trying to not forget the Sega Master System (though who could blame us?):

And, as last time, my favourite 8-bit game, Castlefuckinvania (though, strangely enough, I prefer the MSX version, or not so strange considering it was the first one I played):


Comic-based games: The ZX Spectrum years

Growing up at the dawn of the computer age allowed me to experience the evolution of computers firsthand and, like most people around me, went through my fair share of ridiculous computers. It all begun with the ZX Spectrum 48K, and as Martin reminded me about the Ocean Batman game (and as it’s been a while since I don’t play any of those games in emulators, even though I was obsessed with them for a couple of years), I decided to compile the covers of the games based on super-hero comics:


BruceLeeNext should be the MSX (for which we even purchased a disk drive!!!), but I might as well skip ahead to the consoles … We’ll see!!!

Iain Laurie’s Horror Mountain

I have been reading comics for my whole life. I thought I had my finger on the comic-world pulse. However, since getting involved in the Raygun Roads project, I have become aware of the wonderful world of indie British comics and all those comic creators who do it out of love. And boy, was I missing out on a lot of amazing stuff!

Iain Laurie (soon to be a mega-star after his work on the terrific And Then Emily Was Gone with John Lees) was kind enough to send me a digital copy of his out of print comic Horror Mountain and after reading it, I thought it was a shame that it was not available. So I took the opportunity to, with his permission, put it online with a bit of music and a couple of effects (much in the tradition of Eternal Coffin and Monster Truck) and now it’s time to share it with everyone … I didn’t finish it yet, but I think it has enough content as it is now to give you a taste of something that you need to see:

Iain Laurie's Horror Mountain

Click on the image if you think you are ready for … Iain Laurie’s Horror Mountain

Sensational new character find of 2013: Muddy Stickarms!!!

Hopefully I will be able to write a traditionally structured review (that would be a first!) if/when I have the time, but what Colin Bell and Neil Slorance have achieved with Dungeon Fun #1 is a rare feat: an all-age adventure comic that’s actually laugh-out funny and still manages to make the reader feel for the characters. Lovely book, which achieves a lot of things most books never do … Grab a copy at Thought Bubble this year from Do Gooder Comics or be ridiculed by the whole world afterwards!!!

However, this post would like to be one of the first to highlight the character that steals the show in the first few pages and that’s none other than Muddy Stickarms:


I wish I could reveal more about this character, but keep an eye out for him (some made-up rumours are pointing to a 4 season Netflix deal already in advance negotiations).

A fantastic comic whose every page is a true delight, what else could you ask for?