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Artists of Capcom

In classic Fanthoman train of thought derailment fashion, let me tell you (as if you didn’t know) that the guys who do the Capcom illustrations for the Capcom VS series are simply amazing. I am guessing they are some sort of studio, but the two names I hear more often are Shinkiro and Bengus and their art is truly amazing … I came across some of their work while looking for the cover art for the game cover series and it reminded me that I had never written anything about them, and that’s really unfair as the book they put out about Marvel vs Capcom is one of my favourite artbooks ever.

Drool all you want, it’s your computer after all!!!

Learn why they call him … DEVIL GRIP! (SPOILER: you will not)

Just wanted to post some Sam Kieth Wolverine art from a Charleston Chew giveaway comic, but instead I found a new Urban Hero: Devil Grip! Probably one of the shortest lived we have met so far … In fact, his only appearance as S&M god with shredded jeans consists of only the 3 following pages:




Classic stuff and a character who’s ripe for a comeback … or I might just be going nuts because I am right in the middle of reading the complete Eclipso: The Darkness Withing annual event from 1992 in sequential order and it gets old really quick. Comics are way easier to read today, but I remember reading those comics when I was a kid without problems, but now it’s almost impossible: too wordy and the prose is saaaaaad. Are we getting dumber? More picky? Who knows? Not Devil Grip, that’s for sure, with being catatonic and all that …

Jack Kirby’s Ghost Rider

I confess I was unaware about this until a while ago, but Jack Kirby drew 3 covers for the Ghost Rider back in the 70’s, so I decided to put them in this scrapbook of the subconscious that I call website: