Learn why they call him … DEVIL GRIP! (SPOILER: you will not)

Just wanted to post some Sam Kieth Wolverine art from a Charleston Chew giveaway comic, but instead I found a new Urban Hero: Devil Grip! Probably one of the shortest lived we have met so far … In fact, his only appearance as S&M god with shredded jeans consists of only the 3 following pages:




Classic stuff and a character who’s ripe for a comeback … or I might just be going nuts because I am right in the middle of reading the complete Eclipso: The Darkness Withing annual event from 1992 in sequential order and it gets old really quick. Comics are way easier to read today, but I remember reading those comics when I was a kid without problems, but now it’s almost impossible: too wordy and the prose is saaaaaad. Are we getting dumber? More picky? Who knows? Not Devil Grip, that’s for sure, with being catatonic and all that …

The Wolverine-Men

While we here in the West still discuss about how many monthlies can Wolverine or Batman appear on, in China they have seen the future and it’s called the Wolverine-Men:


Which I find absolutely genius as a concept. Why try to create a new Wolverine when you can have as many of them as necessary? Just give them (almost) distinctive suits, don’t even try to explain it and just make sure they are really angry … How angry?

IMG_0875 IMG_0880 IMG_0882 IMG_0883

Very angry, that’s how angry!

Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed something in their chest, and that’s just the cherry on top. It’s not only more Wolverines, they’re also better, because they borrow a trick (and torso, probably) from Iron Man:

IMG_0884 IMG_0885

That’s right! Eat repulsor ray, Sabretooth!!!

Thanks to comrade Martin, we can all enjoy the Wolviron Men (patent pending), what else can we add other than “Go Team Wolverine”!!!!!


The Ramones by Chris Bachalo

As a fan of both the Ramones and comics, this brought a grin to my face:



This comes from the rather forgettable tie-in with the Saturday Morning Cartoon album, with a cover by an unrecognizable Bill Sienkiewicz:


Anyway, if you want to read quality Ramones comics, you could always check this out

DIY Crossovers: Mazinger Z and his Amazing Friends

Love these 90’s plastic action figures made in Spain. They give you the possibility to mix up any Disney princess with Dr. Doom (oh wait, he’s a Disney character too I guess … Beauty and the Beast remake with Victor von Doom, please?), smurfs, soccer players or whoever appeared in a movie or cartoon in the last 2 decades. It seems they might be official, too.

Just bought 4 of them for now, but it allows me to submit to you an idea for a team ready to fight Thanos, Chtulhu or anyone else for that matter:


That would be Mazinger Z, the Hulk, 90’s Iron Man and, of course, Silver Surfer:


Later this week, we will take a look at some spectacular unlicensed toys from Honk Kong, where they take Millar’s and Bendis’s idea of putting all the popular characters in the Avengers and push it one step further!!!