Iain Laurie’s Horror Mountain

I have been reading comics for my whole life. I thought I had my finger on the comic-world pulse. However, since getting involved in the Raygun Roads project, I have become aware of the wonderful world of indie British comics and all those comic creators who do it out of love. And boy, was I missing out on a lot of amazing stuff!

Iain Laurie (soon to be a mega-star after his work on the terrific And Then Emily Was Gone with John Lees) was kind enough to send me a digital copy of his out of print comic Horror Mountain and after reading it, I thought it was a shame that it was not available. So I took the opportunity to, with his permission, put it online with a bit of music and a couple of effects (much in the tradition of Eternal Coffin and Monster Truck) and now it’s time to share it with everyone … I didn’t finish it yet, but I think it has enough content as it is now to give you a taste of something that you need to see:

Iain Laurie's Horror Mountain

Click on the image if you think you are ready for … Iain Laurie’s Horror Mountain

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