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Brain-destroying killer comics just the way we like them

Bootleg Superheroes: Iron 3 Man times 3!!!

So here are some wonderful Iron 3 Man toys from Marvel MAXVEL!!!


Those folks at MAXVEL never go cheap, they even include the masks for maximum enjoyment!

And I am loving the designs, just when we thought, everything had already been done in the world of armor:

Three great additions to any collection … if you can find them!

Bootleg Superheroes: Spider-Man

If you have taken a look around the site, you might have noticed a couple of entries dedicated to bootleg superhero toys (here and here). I have been getting a few more … As it turns out that there’s a lot of bootlegs out there, you just need to know where to find them, so in the coming days I will be posting about some of the ones I was lucky enough to get.


Starting with The Amazing Spider-Man, aptly subtitled “All the vogue all new edition the best gift for you!”, because in a lot of ways, this is the perfect Spider-Man package, as it contains:

– Two spiders in a respectful wink to the origin of Spider-Man


– Spider-Man almost in the original suit, but because the people who made this are not limited by IP they went and put two spiders on the chest, because this guy was probably bitten by the two spiders above


– What would Spider-Man be without his nemesis, Gold Venom?


– Remember that Spider-Man story when he traveled to ancient Egypt and 17th century France and built his own skateboard? If you don’t, you clearly haven’t been following Spider-Verse, I am sure it was there somewhere.


– Clearly, the previous one might have been an artistic license, but I am 100% sure I have seen something similar to this in Spider-Verse:


– And, of course, the world famous Spider-Gun:


What kid wouldn’t want all of this, I ask you?

In an effort for other people to be able to identify other items from this collection in their possession (and would you please let me know), here are some pictures from the back of the package:

– They thought the skate and the gun were such good ideas they made two of them, for what seems like 2 different sizes of Spider-Man. The smaller one has only the one spider on his chest, while my mega-alpha Spider-Man has two because he’s bigger:


– Yes, they all have light coming out of their chest (a common thread on most Chinese superhero toys post-RDJ’s Iron Man). I REALLY dig that black Spider-Man with silver shoulderpads, gloves and boots, though:


And remember:


Metrodome by Craig Collins & Iain Laurie

I recently did an online version of the fantastic METRODOME by genius gentlemen Craig Collins and Iain Laurie, a project where a great deal of the fun comes from learning how the project was developed. The online version does not have any of that information, but it’s a really fun read.

Here is the official website: for additional information and ordering.

Here is the official trailer:

Just click on the logo to read the online version:


Take a look, you will not regret it. Iain Laurie is quickly becoming one of my favourite artists and you are missing out big time if you remain ignorant of his incredible work, so you are welcome!!!

Unreleased X-Men games

Still going on about games, sorry, I will get over it after the weekend, most likely. Anyway, I just found out that there were (at least) two X-Men games that were never released.

One of them was supposed to be called X-Men: Mind Games and was going to be released for the wildly unsuccessful Sega 32x platform. Here, the cover(s):

And another example of a cover that was drawn and then someone asked for a painted version. Anyway, here’s a video clip of the prototype:

I know, absolutely horrible. Still, just a prototype …

The other one was going to be a Genesis/MegaDrive game called X-Women: The Sinister Virus and here’s a promo clip featuring some footage:

Where they trying to target girls with that last one? Who knows?