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Disco Friday: International editions

The problem with international editions until the 70’s or 80’s (depending on which country you grew up in) is that sometimes the art is modified and other times it’s totally butchered, not to mention the translations (but that’s a problem to this day). We will come back to all of these topics at some point in the future this being Disco Friday and all, but I will leave you with a question … How do you make a regular-sized 20+ page comic from a bunch of strips?

Here’s a clue:

Demon Dancer Art comparison

Demon Dancer Art comparison

Disco Friday: Mandrake vs The Demon Dancer

A while ago, I posted a cover of a Spanish reprint of Mandrake in which he met the Demon Dancer. Thanks to the Mandrake Wiki, and keeping with the Disco Friday subject, I thought I would post a few different covers of other international editions, for comparison:

I think that the French one wins by a landslide, n’est pas?