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Metrodome by Craig Collins & Iain Laurie

I recently did an online version of the fantastic METRODOME by genius gentlemen Craig Collins and Iain Laurie, a project where a great deal of the fun comes from learning how the project was developed. The online version does not have any of that information, but it’s a really fun read.

Here is the official website: http://metrodomebattle.blogspot.co.uk for additional information and ordering.

Here is the official trailer:

Just click on the logo to read the online version:


Take a look, you will not regret it. Iain Laurie is quickly becoming one of my favourite artists and you are missing out big time if you remain ignorant of his incredible work, so you are welcome!!!

Iain Laurie’s Horror Mountain

I have been reading comics for my whole life. I thought I had my finger on the comic-world pulse. However, since getting involved in the Raygun Roads project, I have become aware of the wonderful world of indie British comics and all those comic creators who do it out of love. And boy, was I missing out on a lot of amazing stuff!

Iain Laurie (soon to be a mega-star after his work on the terrific And Then Emily Was Gone with John Lees) was kind enough to send me a digital copy of his out of print comic Horror Mountain and after reading it, I thought it was a shame that it was not available. So I took the opportunity to, with his permission, put it online with a bit of music and a couple of effects (much in the tradition of Eternal Coffin and Monster Truck) and now it’s time to share it with everyone … I didn’t finish it yet, but I think it has enough content as it is now to give you a taste of something that you need to see:

Iain Laurie's Horror Mountain

Click on the image if you think you are ready for … Iain Laurie’s Horror Mountain