2000A.D. Day: Final thoughts

What have we learnt from the 2000AD day? Not much, as it has been too unfocused to really extract any conclusions, but let’s try … 1) Most of the issues (checked today, so mid-80s to mid-90s) have at least one strip with really good art and only a few are absolutely unreadable. 2) Most of […]

2000A.D. Day: Shaky Kane

The world at large now knows about Shaky Kane due to his and David Hine’s delightful Bulletproof Coffin. However, Shaky has been working on comics for two decades now, and 2000AD was there to showcase his talent since the beginning. Starting with his droid profile: Romance comics tribute cover: Kirby tribute: And, of course, who […]

2000A.D. Day: The Glory of Wembley ’66 Lives Again

From PROG 906 comes what probably is the highest point in both Mark Millar’s and Gran Morrison’s careers (you are only allowed to disagree if you haven’t read that many football/soccer comics):

2000A.D. Day: Kevin O’Neill

Another one of Britain’s great talents, Kevin O’Neill got his opportunity at 2000AD. This is a page of the short story that was adapted as Hardware: A cover of a typical crazy bastard in the 2000AD universe pretending he is Judge Dredd: Remember when Kevin O’Neill’s art style was considered offensive by the Comics Code […]

2000A.D. Day: Brendan McCarthy & Jamie Hewlett

Rainy and cold day, so it is time to take a look back at that 2000AD box lying around the house and start the subcategory dedicated to British comics … I will try to post a few of these today so I will keep them short. To start with, let’s take a look at some […]