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Learn why they call him … DEVIL GRIP! (SPOILER: you will not)

Just wanted to post some Sam Kieth Wolverine art from a Charleston Chew giveaway comic, but instead I found a new Urban Hero: Devil Grip! Probably one of the shortest lived we have met so far … In fact, his only appearance as S&M god with shredded jeans consists of only the 3 following pages:




Classic stuff and a character who’s ripe for a comeback … or I might just be going nuts because I am right in the middle of reading the complete Eclipso: The Darkness Withing annual event from 1992 in sequential order and it gets old really quick. Comics are way easier to read today, but I remember reading those comics when I was a kid without problems, but now it’s almost impossible: too wordy and the prose is saaaaaad. Are we getting dumber? More picky? Who knows? Not Devil Grip, that’s for sure, with being catatonic and all that …