I see

Battling sanity will not get you laid, famous or rich. In the best scenario you will walk your toothbrush, in the worst, your toothbrush will walk you. The only hope you could have then is for the ones beyond the veil to have some of their world-sized neurons increase their activity by 0.0001% before eating you (forever). That should count for something, at least for the ones who care about such things.

I can hear you shouting “I want to be eaten first! Disembowel me, oh, unkowable ones!” and I applaude your enthusiasm, but be warned! The path to madness is paved with logic, your battle is just beginning, and everybody on your way will try to talk you out of it.

Only continuous exposition to the best crafts that humanity can pathetically achieve might help strengthen your resolve and get you closer to your destination.

Cthuluwatch will try to bring you the most exquisite and maddening bits of antilife uncreations harvested from the interwebs.

Starting with those exquisite piece of furniture:

You should be thankful to Zoe Williams, or maybe to her mad-scientist parents.

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