How many times did you wake up abruptly in the middle of the night from an eldritch dream just in time to see with the corner of your eye something long and quick and scaly retracting under the sheets? If you’re like me your first thought will be “not again!” or “What am I going to wear tomorrow at the office?”.

The voices have always different opinions and having them agree on something is far from easy, but one piece of clothing they all appreciate are these wonderful money making necropants from icelandic haute couture stylist Brjálæði Móðirdrepa.

Once worn these necropants will be indistinguishable from your own skin.

One additional benefit can be obtained by putting this rune in the scrotum

along with a coin stolen from a poor widow, so that your necropants produce an unending supply of coins. One little caveat, you should have somebody else wear them the moment you take them off if you don’t want to suffer unnamable horrors.

From galdrasyning

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