A week of art: Rafael Grampá

I will try to post a few drawings by comic artists I like every day this week. We start with a few drawings of the excellent Rafael Grampá … Get yourself a copy of Mesmo Delivery if you haven’t, good stuff.

2000A.D. Day: Kevin O’Neill

Another one of Britain’s great talents, Kevin O’Neill got his opportunity at 2000AD. This is a page of the short story that was adapted as Hardware: A cover of a typical crazy bastard in the 2000AD universe pretending he is Judge Dredd: Remember when Kevin O’Neill’s art style was considered offensive by the Comics Code […]

2000A.D. Day: Brendan McCarthy & Jamie Hewlett

Rainy and cold day, so it is time to take a look back at that 2000AD box lying around the house and start the subcategory dedicated to British comics … I will try to post a few of these today so I will keep them short. To start with, let’s take a look at some […]