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Jamie Christopher Hewlett is an English comic book artist and designer. He is known for being the co-creator of the comic Tank Girl and co-creator of the virtual band Gorillaz

2000A.D. Day: Brendan McCarthy & Jamie Hewlett

Rainy and cold day, so it is time to take a look back at that 2000AD box lying around the house and start the subcategory dedicated to British comics … I will try to post a few of these today so I will keep them short.

To start with, let’s take a look at some of the lesser know works of those two geniuses called Brendan McCarthy and Jamie Hewlett … This is not a random association as they a) worked on the same character, and b) worked together on a Judge Dredd strip.

Our first page comes from 2000AD PROG 480 and belongs to Sooner or Later by Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy:

sooner or later by Milligan and McCarthy

This next one comes from Swifty’s Return, the sequel to Sooner or Later (the page below appeared in PROG 616):

swifty's return by Milligan & Hewlett

And, what better way to finish than a collaboration between these two artists in Spok’s Mock Chocs from PROG 614:

Spok's Mock Chocs

Be back in a few minutes …