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They say an image is worth a thousand words. If that is the case get ready to read a novel! These posts feature quite a bit of art …

Improbable crossovers

As you might have seen on the collage I posted a few posts ago with my collection of inter-company crossovers, I am a bit obsessed with them at the moment. The quality is generally very poor but there’s something inherently fun about them.

I would like to take this moment to call for a minute of silence to the following crossovers, which might never happen:

Except the one with Darkseid and Thanos, of course … It’s already happened!

And, as a bonus, the King wanted to join the party too:

Captain America vs Batman

Captain America vs Batman by Jack Kirby

Legion of the Supernatural

When our heroes fail us… we will turn to our monsters! The Legion of the Supernatural follows the last of the famous monsters in a world where super heroes have hunted their brethren to near extinction. When an army of starving, inter-dimensional vampires returns to consume our world, only The Mummy, Frankenstein, The Bog Creature, The Wolf-Man, Dracula, and Sister Arcane have the power to contest the coming darkness – as it was their birthplace! Critically acclaimed scribe Rick Remender (Fear Agent, Punisher: War Journal) is joined by legendary illustrator Bret Blevins (Batman, X-Men) who has fully painted the adventures of this pulp monster-mash showcasing the most unlikely team of super heroes… the monsters.

The classic monsters, Remender and fully-painted art by a Bret Blevins who was returning to comics after years of storyboarding … Almost sounds too good to be true, right? And in this case it was, as the series still has to see the light of day 5 years later.

I have managed to find the solicitations for the first 2 issues (the solicitation text of the first issue is the opening of the article) and some art that I present here for your enjoyment:

Solicitation text for #2:

In a dank laboratory, amid the alien ruins on the moon, Frankenstein’s monster has been bitten by a cursed undead. His plea to Dracula is ignored, their rivalry continues. The Mummy Cleopatra has murdered humanities heroes. The Bog Creature moves towards his own plans for saving Earth by eliminating humanity. The vampire world has run dry of victuals. The lord of the vampires has amassed his forces and Tokyo is destroyed over and over.

Let’s not lose hope, though, as IDW’s Chris Ryall is still trying to get it published:

Legion of the Supernatural by Bret Blevins. I’d love to get this one going again someday. It’s by Rick Remender and Bret; the project stalled a few years back for different reasons but I really loved the look and feel of it, especially in the hands of Rick-n-Bret.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I ask Chris to keep trying! In any case, anybody know why the project fell through?

A week of art: Aaron kuder

Time to highlight Mr. Aaron Kuder, already working for the big ones and with a great style that reminds the stylings of Frank Quitely or Tony Moore. Like the other artists featured this week, we can’t wait to see anything new that gets published …

A week of art: Tradd Moore

Here is another great artist who’s been getting a bit more (very deserved) attention lately, Tradd Moore. If you want to enjoy more of his hyper-kinetic art, try either of the Luther Strode books (the only one in trade at the moment is The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Vol. 1), the level of detail is insane!

Seems he’s getting more and more cover work from Marvel these days, so I guess sequential art from Marvel cannot be far behind.

A week of art: Jason Pearson

2 posts today because I couldn’t do the first one yesterday (and because these are really easy to do). An old favorite and one of the guys whose work I like the most, Mr Jason Pearson.

As with Rafael Grampa, I tried to select unpublished work. Hope you like it, this guy’s a genius …