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Neil Gaiman sketch of Galactus on Fantastic Four #48

I’ve had a couple of books signed by Neil Gaiman since 1997, so when, a couple of years ago I had the chance to go to another signing, I decided to get something a bit special for someone else. I admit it made a lot more sense at the time, but I asked him to do a Galactus sketch on the cover of Fantastic Four #48.

He was a bit surprised (and so were the staff at the stand), but as I had bought a couple of books and there was no one else on the queue, he had no way out. Here’s the result:


Here’s the sketch in a close-up (I have blurred the name of the recipient, but this is real):


And for all you people wondering if I am just making this up, here’s a few pics of Neil doing the sketch:


Good sport, that Gaiman! I am not sure many people would have done it … By the way, I checked and this happened back in 2007. Time flies! But, at the same time, here we are waiting for a new Sandman project … Looks great too!

Original Art: Bulletproof Coffin Commission by Shaky Kane

So, again with the short post, sorry about that (if anyone cares) …

A while ago, I ordered a couple of commissions from Shaky Kane (one intended as a present and the one below), and who am I not to share it with the Internet. My only request was to have the Coffin Fly and the Unforgiving Eye, then giving good old Shaky absolute freedom to do whatever he wanted. The result was impressive, fast and way better than I was expecting.

Here’s the original that’s now waiting for an appropriate frame back at home:

Bulletproof Coffin Commission by Shaky Kane

Inked art, ruler in inches

He even scanned and colored it because he’s that nice:

Colored Bulletproof Coffin Commission by Shaky Kane

Colored version

Now I spend my days thinking about ways to get some money and order more …

Kart Krossover done right

Just came from holidays with a treasure in my hands: KART RACER’s four super-hero kart racing box. The characters involved (thanks China!) are: Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, Blue Spider-Man, Gold and flesh armour Iron Man and Ultraman. If only there was a comic tie-in …

Here some pictures for your enjoyment:

Kart Racing Crossover

Kart Racing Crossover

Race is on!

Race is on!

Batman Wins

Batman Wins