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It happens in the best families … NOOOOOOOOOOOOOISE!!!

It’s that time of the year where I go …

Happy New Year, Humans!!! I am hoping I get to write a bit more this year blah blah blah … Let’s cut to the chase:

Bootleg collection showcase starts today (next post)!

Just put this online: COLLAGES by Jane Kitty Pride Kane with music by The Protagonist! Take a look, some really cool stuff there for free!!!



CALLING ALL COOLIGANS! DIY Cocktales Supporter Kit!

Thanks to Doc Martini, we have been able to steal this very nice set of digital images that will surely delight the selective following of Cocktales!! Print your favourite images, and use them to update your badge wardrobe. Your hipster friends will have to concede “Coolisimo!” to you when you wear them out! Sucsex guaranteed by no other than Mannix Virilio I!

Cocktales button badge images

Cocktales button badge images

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As if trying to rival with our sister website Cocktales (and you should take a look, if you haven’t, it’s the literary equivalent of

zardoz16), spambots are generating pieces of  written gold that shouldn’t be dismissed (I am sure a couple of comic writers even use them in their pitches). Here are a couple of those gems:

Too this arm tooks a look a wrist, time is it’s yet early, 80% she hasn’t waked up?…

“Sorry, sorry!Is that I ain’t good, the in the mind is too worried.Like, I descend to do some shopping, the words doing are too late afraid of getting into trouble, a short while I braised soup and waited soup like, you also drink a point and otherly…