Neil Gaiman sketch of Galactus on Fantastic Four #48

I’ve had a couple of books signed by Neil Gaiman since 1997, so when, a couple of years ago I had the chance to go to another signing, I decided to get something a bit special for someone else. I admit it made a lot more sense at the time, but I asked him to do a Galactus sketch on the cover of Fantastic Four #48.

He was a bit surprised (and so were the staff at the stand), but as I had bought a couple of books and there was no one else on the queue, he had no way out. Here’s the result:


Here’s the sketch in a close-up (I have blurred the name of the recipient, but this is real):


And for all you people wondering if I am just making this up, here’s a few pics of Neil doing the sketch:


Good sport, that Gaiman! I am not sure many people would have done it … By the way, I checked and this happened back in 2007. Time flies! But, at the same time, here we are waiting for a new Sandman project … Looks great too!

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