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Urban Heroes: Scar Turpin

Our new feature, Urban Heroes, will try to correct an historical injustice and put the focus back on the characters that matter, the ones that appeared in a few issues, a few panel perhaps, but showed us another angle of the comic universes. They are the people that matter, the ones we have been thinking about for years, the ones that make saving the world worth it … in short, they are the urban heroes.

We start this first installment with Scar Turpin, a self-proclaimed candidate for the Captain America position (from Captain America #179, during the crazy run between the Secret Empire and Kirby’s run).

Luckily for you, this classic can be found in trade paperback: Captain America by Steve Englehart, Vol. 2: Nomad (Avengers). Surely, the time is right for Scar’s comeback??