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Shaky Kane’s Monster Truck

I loves me some Shaky, that’s impossible to deny … so the other day he re-posted a link to The Endless Coffin on Facebook, and he took a look at the work we are doing at Raygun Roads, and he mentioned how cool it would be to do an online version of Monster Truck and one thing led to the other and it’s done and it’s now online and it’s beautiful and you should take a look at it …

So, sit tight and brace yourselves while we descend into the madness that is Sir Shaky Kane’s brain. Ladies and gentlemen, with Shaky’s permission, I give you Shaky Kane’s Monstertruck, the full automatically scrolling version (it will take you about 10 minutes depending on the size of your monitor). Enjoy!!!

Shaky Kane's Monster Truck Cover

Click on the image if you want to live!