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Nació en Barcelona en 1971, tuvo una infancia fantástica y una adolescencia de mierda y sigue añorando la primera e intentando superar la segunda, lo cual le da el perfil mínimo exigido para dedicarse a dibujar tebeos. Sus obras: Mondo Lirondo (junto al colectivo La Penya), Calavera Lunar, Tato, Para Ti Que Eres Joven, Carlitos Fax y algunas que, o bien son olvidables, o bien han sido olvidadas. Tiene dos niños que opinan que dibuja casi tan bien como el de Naruto.

A week of art (Spanish edition): Albert Monteys

(Where, in order to try and keep posting during a particularly busy period, I resort back to art galleries)

This time, however, I decided to post some art from Spanish creators. Some of them internationally famous, others not so much but they probably deserve more attention.

We start with Albert Monteys, an amazing and really funny cartoonist. Even though he did a couple of pages for Vertigo in the past (The Dreaming #55 and The Sandman Presents: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dreams…But Were Afraid to Ask), he seems perfectly happy working on his own stuff back in Spain (where he works in the weekly comic magazine El Jueves while putting out some other stuff on the side).

Take a look around his Tumblr account, the same place where I found these delightful illustrations he published as a print set (Fin de Liga or End of League):

These are 5 of the 8 prints that you can purchase here. Highly recommended creator if you can get anything by him.