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An irregular feature to show you the best of the week in comics … It will probably involve time travelling at some point.

Page of the week – February 23rd, 2011

Deadpool Team-Up 884

Deadpool Team-Up #884 Cover

Having given up on Daniel Way’s Deadpool series, it seems that the only readable comic featuring Deadpool these days (although for one more last issue) is this one. The quality is not constant, true, but at least the creative team changes every issue, so it gives you the chance to see other creators taking a swing at this character.

Most of the stories are not serious at all, but they are fun, and this issue was no exception. Starting with the beautiful Skottie Young cover (take a look at his OZ series or his beautiful sketchbook), the issue is crazy from start to finish.

Still loving the Peyer (one of the most underrated writers in the last 20 years), great art by Jacob Chabot (as far as I remember, first time I see it) and the Watcher … What else could we ask for? Well, what about the Watcher going nuts? I give you … the page of the week!!!

Page of the week - Deadpool Team-Up 884

Page of the week – Kirby Destroys Paris Edition

We are not reading many new comics these days (and not finding many that much exciting stuff in them, anyway), so this is another look to the past. From the realm of forgotten comics comes this page from Jack Kirby’s Spirit World:

Published in 1971, this magazine, edited by the king himself, shows us a man focused on what he knew what to do best, destroying cities. Enjoy!!!

Page of the week – Double Flashback Special

It has been a while since the last time we posted the first entry in this section, so to make up for it and while we get our shit together, here come two great pages from the past.

First, from Thor #171, an example of Kirbyvision in all its glory:

Thor 171 Splash Page

From one master to another, Keith Giffen’s last page for the second issue of the first Ambush Bug mini:

Ambush Bug 2

You are welcome, Internet!

Ultron vs Descartes

Page of the week – November 17th, 2010

From Chaos War: Dead Avengers #1, here is Ultron’s opinion on Descartes:

By Fred Van Lente and Tom Grummett (more than happy to link to his website, but I couldn’t find one). Mr. Van Lente, is this some kind of prologue to an Action Philosophers crossover?