2 thoughts on “Bill Fraccio: Cover Master

  1. avatarPeter Gingras

    I have an extremely rare original drawing by Bill Fraccio. The drawing is of my mother and Bill penciled it during World War II. My mother passed away just days ago and I found the drawing in her things.
    I thought you might know of any groups that collect Fraccio’s works.
    Thank you,
    Peter Gingras

    1. avatarDarkseid Ramone Post author

      Hi Peter,

      First of all, allow me to offer you my condolences for your loss. Not easy to say goodbye to a loved one.

      About your question, there are a number of places online you can take the drawing to, but I am not aware of a Fraccio collectors group. Would it be possible to get a scan of the drawing to try and help you move it?



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