Raygun Roads: It begins …

So, one of the reasons I have been so busy lately is that I was helping a group of very nice and talented people design and launch a website that ties in with their comic book: Raygun Roads. An ashcan edition of the comic will hit the Glasgow Comic Convention this weekend, so if you are in the area, go there, get a copy and say hi to co-creator, and force of nature, Owen Michael Johnson. He promised not to sleep during the whole weekend, so I would suggest doing it early on Saturday 😉

Page from Raygun Roads by Owen Michael Johnson & INDIO!

If you like this, go to http://raygunroads.com and watch the animation in the media section!!! My jaw hit the floor the first time I watched it.

So, take a look at the website, http://raygunroads.com … The effort the whole team is putting on the comic is huge, but it’s totally worth it. It feels fresh and wildly energetic. And respectful to the classics too, as there’s a soundtrack that goes with it, in a tribute to the geniuses behind Warrior Nun Areala vs. Razor – CD edition (no, sorry, I misunderstood, it DOES have a soundtrack, but I am pretty sure that the Raygun Roads crew has no knowledge of that crossover milestone).

Another page from Raygun Roads by Owen Michael Johnson & INDIO!

Who/what is/are D-VOID?

Congratulations to the whole team from Fanthoman, Darkseid Ramone, and that attention-seeking parasite Inigo, too. We can’t wait to have the whole comic in our hands around September.

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