Is Room 237 a waste of your time?

I know I just said that I was really busy, but I recently started watching the free-flowing documentary on The Shining … I only watched the first 20 minutes and while I confirm that it’s all over the place (faceless voices giving their interpretation of the movie based on background details, which in their own minds justify why the movie is about the genocide of native americans, nazis and/or sex), it seems like the kind of thing that might be interesting if you really like the original movie.

Personally, I watched it as a kid and got scared since the starting credits (due to the use of Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique), and have probably watched it around 10 times, each time failing to notice a lot of what was mentioned in those first 20 minutes, which is always a good excuse to watch it again when I finish with the craziness that is Room 237. So, to answer my own question, if you REALLY like The Shining, you might discover a few details you never saw in any previous watching of the movie … Up to you to figure out if that’s enough for you or not. I mean, you probably have better things to do (like watching season 4 of Arrested Development).

What kind of bugs me is the fact that they are only doing this because it’s Stanley Kubrick. When can we expect the same level of paranoid criticism with Cujo or Christine?

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