King Cobra versus the Bogus Beefeaters!!!

Very busy these days, but who am I to keep you away from this masterpiece? For the ignorant few who don’t know who King Cobra is, I feel sorry for you. The character is probably one of the best superheroes who came out of D.C. Thomson’s Hotspur (and that’s saying a lot of a magazine that gave us as X-Bow) and the art by Ron Smith is beautiful.

The last new story with King Cobra in it was published in the early 90’s and the character seems to be taking a rest, but will hopefully be back as soon as someone reads this and realizes the potential the character has (Paul Grist, Shaky Kane and Dave Hine, I’m looking at you guys!!!).

The cover for the story I am including in the post just grabs you by the balls:

Hotspur cover - King Cobra

King Cobra versus the bogus beefeaters

And then, in 4 pages they tell you a whole story (talk about hypercompression):

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