German Trilogy

After the random 2 week break, we are back with another piece of Jurgens magic! This time it comes from his German Trilogy concept album about the number 3, history and anything that was going through his head at that moment. We chose the third song (even though they were all numbered 3 on the […]


Another week, another Jurgens song that can be uncovered. This time we take a look at another track from The Minstrel Show … This time, the song is called Dyin’ Ain’t All: dyin aint all As a bonus, we include the dub version of the same song taken from the 1999 Jurgens dub tribute album: […]

Jurgens: The end???

Nothing like a good Jurgens track against the horror that is the Monday!!! We usually try to be very careful with what we publish on the website to make sure that it is as real as it can be. Due to the obscurity of the material, it is sometimes not very easy. I am afraid […]

Jurgens: the dark period

In an effort to bring you the best of the forgotten, we want to bring you another hidden treasure from Germany. Please be aware that the chronology of his career gets really confusing after the late 60’s and that there is close to no literature on this genius. From what we can gather, this track […]