As if by magic, new Mandrake crossover!

Bleeding Cool gave us some pretty good news yesterday, a new comic featuring Mandrake will be published in September by Dynamite: King’s Watch. A crossover with The Phantom and Flash Gordon, too (I swear I didn’t know anything about this when I wrote my post yesterday). And written by Jeff Parker. Does it get better […]

Mandrake in Film

So, Mandrake in films … I will leave out the boring details (yes, there’s the serial, the pilot made in 1954 and the TV movie from 1979), to focus on the important stuff, so grab on to your top hats because here we go!!! From Federico Fellini’s Intervista, Mastroianni playing Mandrake: From Vittorio De Sicca’s […]

State of the Crossover collection

So, following up on the inter-company crossover collection eternal quest, you can see below a list of where I am at this moment. Hopefully, this will help other fellow crossover fans … Something like this would certainly have helped me quite a bit when I decided to come out of the closet of crossover love. […]

Collecting crossovers: Some initial data

So, with the following factors in mind: we consider a crossover the interaction of characters not owned by the same person/organization we are only counting one-shots and limited series (my db does not track the month every issue came out and inter-company crossovers in ongoing series are a minority) these are only the ones I […]

Inter-company crossover checklist

What’s that, Internet? You want to know what the progress is for the greatest crossover collection ever? Disclaimer: feelings when looking straight at the following picture might vary between ecstasy and depression. You have been warned!!!