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A look at the movies that will survive all of us, the true classics!

Wishmaster is a dick (II)

When we left the Wishmaster, he was trapped in a jewel more than 3000 years ago. 20 minutes later, the Wishmaster is back in the world, exchanging wishes for souls in present day. It is in this context, that this scene happens …

Hobo wishes for social justice

Click to view full scene!

Social commentary? Are all hobos crazy? What does it all mean?

To be continued …

Wishmaster is a dick (I)

It’s probably no surprise that, here at Fanthoman HQ, we love fine cinema. So when the time came to dissect and analyze a movie, we had to start with one of the modern classics: Wishmaster. I mean, it is not like you get 3 sequels just for being shit.

To analyze this kind of movie, you can take two paths, either you do traditional analysis and spend hours talking about all the finely tuned details that make this movie an instant classic, or we can go to the money-shots. Knowing how busy you must be in this day and age, we went for the second option.

We have distilled, in fumetti form, the wishing scenes, because that’s the true measure of a good Wishmaster film.

So let’s start with the first scene of the first movie. Click on the image below to get the full scene and please enjoy … Wishmaster!!!

Persia 1127 AD

And what a strong start it is! In the matter of a few seconds we get tributes to Star Wars, Alien, Ray Harryhausen and possibly Clive Barker’s NightBreed. Of course, at the end of the scene the Wishmaster ends up trapped in a jewel, never to be seen again … or will he?

To be continued …