Final Mandrake post for the day (probably)

First of all, recommend the wonderful Mandrake Wiki, they sure love their Mandrake.¬†And in order to pad this entry a bit, 3 more images for all of you: Another gun-totin’ Turkish macho Mandrake:   From Spain, Mandrake (AKA Merlin) vs the Dancing Demon:   From Italy, the sexxxy version: Maldrak, the McDonald’s magic pimp!!!

Why are there no good Mandrake reprints in the USA?

I started looking for a copy of The Ratmen of Rodencia this morning and realized that there are really no Mandrake reprints in the US (or England for that matter), apart from the short-lived King Series. If I want to get this in English, I only found an Indian reprint. Is there a reason for […]