Wishmaster is a dick (I)

It’s probably no surprise that, here at Fanthoman HQ, we love fine cinema. So when the time came to dissect and analyze a movie, we had to start with one of the modern classics: Wishmaster. I mean, it is not like you get 3 sequels just for being shit. To analyze this kind of movie, […]

First Tracks from the legendary “Fanthoman ’69” soundtrack!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the first track (and demo) from the aborted “Fanthoman ’69” movie soundtrack: Fanthoman Intro: Fanthoman Intro Fanthoman Intro (demo): Fanthoman Intro (demo) We will publish more tracks as they are uncovered. Notice that the cover of the vynil these songs were found in still uses the name “Fanhomas”.

Truth sees the light of day!

Original edition of the first Ramones album cover. Limited to 250 copies, the album features the first configuration of the Ramones, before Darkseid Ramone was invited to leave. No copies remain and the original lyrics for “Blitzkrieg Bop” (“Apokolips Bop”) are now thought to be lost.